Mike Rice, Counselor

CCS, Inc.

Mike is certified in Reality Therapy and Choice Theory which he utilizes for his clients who seek counseling for

  • Depression,
  • Anxiety,
  • Bi-polar diagnoses,
  • Anger issues, and
  • Couples counseling.


Mike focuses on the importance of getting along with others, especially the important people in one's life, to be the key to happiness.  He does not believe in the use of psychiatric medications for conditions "that have no pathology and for diseases that don't exist."

On the right Mike with fellow authors:
Top: Dr. Terry Lynch is a well-known author and psychiatrist who wrote "Beyond Prozac," "Selfhood: A Key to The Recovery of Emotional Wellbeing," and "Depression Delusion Volume One."

Bottom: Dr. Peter Breggin is a very famous psychiatrist, author, lecturer, court expert, and radio talk show host. Breggin has several books, most notably, "Medication Madness," "Toxic Psychiatry", and "Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal."

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